LINK: — Biography: Elijah Anderson Turner born 1856 with photograph – Alabama Pioneers

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(1856-aft. 1904)

Tallapoosa and Shelby county, Alabama

via Biography: Elijah Anderson Turner born 1856 with photograph – Alabama Pioneers.

via Biography: Elijah Anderson Turner born 1856 with photograph – Alabama Pioneers.

Congressional serial set – US Government Printing Office

“Congressional serial set” by the United States Government Printing Office (1904)




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Interstate Druggist, Publication: Patents – September 1904

Another document mention Mr. E. A. TURNER’s mechanical headche cure:

“Interstate Druggist” [Volume 6, Issue 1; page 16, copyright date: September 1904]

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The American Practitioner, Vol 37-38: E. A. Turner, Alabama [1904]

“The American Practioner”

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News of medical inventions, and treatments:



June 28, 1904.


763,396. Veterinary Surgeon’s Forceps, John F. Hemphill, Arlington, Oregon.

763,657. Electrical Apparatus for Therapeutical Purposes, John P.

Brown, Rogers, Ark. 763,683. Combined Abdominal Hernia Pad, Anthony E. Majoris,

Binghampton, N. Y, 763,765. Cabinet for Treatment of Hemorrhoids or Other Diseases,

Benj. F. Johnson, 111. 763,814. Mechanical Appliance for Cure of HeadacheElijah A.

TurnerCalcis, Ala.”[….] [bold and italics add by me…CAA]



Elijah Anderson Turner (E. A. senior) — Railroad Publications

“RAILWAY AGE” — excerpt:

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“…MIDLOTHIAN & BLUE ISLAND.—Incorporated in Illinois to build a dummy line from a connection with the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific just south of Blue Island, to the clubhouse of the Midlothian Country Club, about 1 mile. Capital stock, $50.000. Directors: E. A.Turner, Robert Mather, George R. Thorne, E. C Potter and L. W. Noyes. Grading is now. in progress.[…]”

YMCA Secretary at Atlanta Tech

E A Turner at Atlanta Tech, and with YMCA as secretary ==> click here for details.

Atlanta Tech

E A Turner // Atlanta-Tech, Sigma Mu newsletter ==> Click Here.

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